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The last thing you need when working on your endurance, or recovering from an injury, is to be distracted by running shoe discomfort. We get that, and that’s what shapes the mission of our site.

We are here to give you the right information and guidance – whether that’s looking for the best running shoe for a particular need or you just need an answer to a burning question. We discuss the best running shoes for common troubles such as calf pain, shin splints and hip pain all the way through to less frequent problems like mortons nueroma, matatarsalgia pain, peroneal tendonitis and arthritis in big toe.

So, our mission is clear – to make the process easier for you, it’s as simple as that!

We hope you find this site helpful.


Recent Articles

Should I Stop Running With Metatarsalgia?

Knowing whether you should stop running with metatarsalgia usually depends on a few different factors, which we discuss here in this article.

Can Running Cause Metatarsalgia?

Can Running Cause Metatarsalgia?

While running puts an individual at greater risk of developing the condition, it’s normally poor form, a sudden increase in training, or worn-out shoes that can lead to metatarsalgia.

How to Build Your Calf Strength

How to Build Your Calf Strength

You can do bodyweight exercises at home and achieve significant improvements. You do not have to go to the gym for this, and a wall and some stairs will offer you the training environment you need to take care of your calf strength.

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