How Should Running Shoes Fit for Wide Feet?

When looking for the best running shoe for wide feet there are a lot of important factors to consider. Picking the wrong shoe can wreak havoc with your foot health and may cause a multitude of problems. It can affect your enjoyment of running and in extreme cases your ability to run at all. So it’s vital to choose the right running when you have wide feet. 

In this article we’ll explore some of the reasons why it’s important to wear a wide running shoe for those with wider than average feet, and some of the benefits. 


How do you know you need a wide fitting running shoe?

There are some tell-tale signs that you may need a wide fitting running shoe. Firstly, look out for your feet feeling a little too tight around the toes but feeling comfortable in the heel. Or you may have noticed that your feet feel like they’re spilling over the edge of the platform on the sides of the shoe. If you’re experiencing either of these issues, then you’ll need to look for a wider fitting shoe.

There’s now a good selection of running shoes for wide feet on the market, and you may be able to find a running shoe to suit online without going to a shoe store. But if you’re unsure which running shoe to choose, you may want to consider visiting a specialist running store. They’ll measure your feet and be able to give you advice on which shoe is best for your foot shape and size. And they may even check your running style and offer guidance on improving certain aspects of your technique that if not corrected may cause problems long term. 


What to look for in a running shoe for wide feet

A wide fitting running shoe should feel a little roomy around the toes, and snug around the middle foot and heel. When testing the size of the shoe, try pressing your thumb around the toes and sides of your feet. There should be a little space for your feet to move slightly, but only a little. Running shoes that are too wide will cause your feet to slide around more than they should and affect your stability. 

Your running shoes should also feel snug around the laces, but not tight. Again, your feet need the space to breathe. A rough way to check if a shoe is too tight is to put your fingers between the eyelets on your laces. To do this, tighten your laces until they feel snug. If you can put only one finger then the shoes are likely too loose, as you’re having to fasten the lace tighter than it should need to be. If you can put three fingers between the tops of your laces, this means the shoe is probably too tight, as you’re unable to fasten the lace in its natural position. The laces on a perfect fitting shoe should be approximately two fingers wide at the eyelet and should give a snug but comfortable fit.

Main features to look for:

  • •  Wide toe box, so your toes have room to move slightly
  • •  Arch support, to avoid over pronation and supination 
  • •  Snug heel, and upper lace area of the shoe, not too tight or too loose
  • •  Overall wide fit for comfort and stability


What are the benefits of wearing a wide fitting running shoe?

Wearing a correctly fitting running shoe is important for everyone, but if you have wide feet then it’s arguably even more important. Running with narrow or tight-fitting shoes can do some serious damage to your feet. You could develop issues such as blisters, calluses or corns, or in extreme cases, bunions.   

There are numerous benefits of wearing wide fitting trainers. Such as:

1.  Improved stability:  By ensuring your toes and ball of your foot have enough room you will hit the ground with more of your foot which will help to improve your stability 

2.  Good shock absorption: Having good shock absorption will help reduce impact and support your feet. It may also add a little extra bounce to your run

3.  Good foot health: Wearing well-fitting running shoes will keep your feet healthy. And it will help to reduce any long-term negative affects you may encounter from running with wide feet. 

4.  Improvised running style and technique: When your shoes fit correctly your balance and coordination will improve. This can only aid your running style and will help you to go further for longer, and that’s what every runner wants isn’t it?


Written by Susan

I'm very enthusiastic around sports, fitness and general wellbeing. I write for a range of sites around these topics, and I hope you find my articles and information insightful to help you on your way.

May 17, 2021

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