Do Zero Drop Shoes Help With Morton’s Neuroma?

When a runner is experiencing foot pain during training, there can be an immediate sense of dread about getting a diagnosis. There are many foot conditions that can lead to a total halt in training and months of rehab. Morton’s Neuroma can be very uncomfortable, but thankfully it does not often require a halt in your training.

If you have been diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma, you will find that you might have to try a variety of different adjustments to your training plan to manage your pain. There are many ways to help keep your feet comfortable while you are training with Morton’s Neuroma. And, to help keep your feet comfortable, one of the best running shoes for morton’s neuroma that you may find for yourself could well be Zero Degree Shoes.

If you are ready to learn more about this possible pain management tool to help you manage your Morton’s Neuroma, read on!


What Are Zero Drop Shoes?

Zero drop shoes are made with a height difference between the heel and the toe of the running shoe. When you are looking at a zero drop shoe, you will have zero drop between the heel and the toe as they are on a single plane. This can be a big help for flat feet and can also be a key benefit for those managing Morton’s Neuroma pain.

Zero Drop Shoes are very flat in design and are made with a very stiff shank that can really support the foot and prevent excess flexion. These shoes were originally linked more with a style choice than a therapeutic shoe option, but there are many shoe makers that now make this shoe style for pain management needs.


Do Zero Drop Shoes Help With Morton’s Neuroma?

Zero Drop Shoes, or Zero Degree Shoes, are perfect for Morton’s Neuroma because they are so stable and flat. Morton’s Neuroma is caused in most cases by excess flexion in the forefoot. Zero Drop Shoes keep your foot from flexing much at all while you are running. The design of this shoe style allows the foot to land flat and be pressed off of evenly into the next footfall.

A Zero Drop Shoe can be laced correctly for support of the sides of the foot and the stiff and cushioned sole will protect the foot from concussion with the ground while running. These shoes are made in much the same way by most makers and you will be able to count on getting a nice flat and stuff base for your foot as well as a really wide toe box. Both of these items can work in conjunction to support your foot and keep your running hours pain free.

Many people are not aware that the average running shoe actually lifts the heel by 1-2 cm when compared to the front of the shoe. Even this small elevation of the heel can lead to increased pain and impingement of the nerves between the toes for those with Morton’s Neuroma. When you cut out the chance for heel strike and a rolling foot motion through to the ends of the toes, you can protect the foot from a lot of Morton’s Neuroma pain.

For those who have never tried on a Zero Drop Shoe, this might sound like it is too good to be true. Thankfully, this is actually a really helpful shoe design that will take care of most of your foot pain with ease. For most people, this is actually one of the best choices that you can make to care for your feet while they are healing. Changing to these shoes and adding some stretching and icing to your running regimen can make all the difference in your overall comfort while you are running with Morton’s Neuroma.


Morton’s Neuroma Can be Helped by Zero Degree Shoes

While Morton’s Neuroma can be painful, it is actually quite easy to manage in most cases. This is one of the few runner’s injuries that can be managed effectively without limiting training in too many major ways. Changing to the right running shoes can make a huge difference in the comfort of most people who are suffering with Morton’s Neuroma and Zero Degree Shoes are often one of the best ways to make sure that your feet are cared for as you train.

Between stretching, icing, and changing to the correct shoes, many people find that their Morton’s Neuroma is easy to manage and care for. Morton’s Neuroma can be healed in many cases and it is important to be willing to adjust your footwear to help keep your feet healthy for the long run.

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November 27, 2021

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