Do Arch Supports Help Morton’s Neuroma?

When you are a runner and you are diagnosed with any kind of condition that might limit your training plan, you might feel like you will be set back for months at a time. This is not usually the case with Morton’s Neuroma, however. This condition will often cause you to change your training plans some but you will almost always be able to continue training if you use the right management protocols.

There are various different management protocols that can be used to improve and manage Morton’s Neuroma and one of them is adding arch supports to your shoes. For some runners, this, or investing in one of the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma, is the perfect solution to manage the discomfort. This is not always the right solution for every runner, but there are some people that will benefit greatly from this change to their running gear.

If you are ready to learn more about using arch supports to help Morton’s Neuroma, read on!


Do Arch Supports Help Morton’s Neuroma?

The question of whether or not arch supports will help your Morton’s Neuroma pain is more about the shape of your feet than about the arch supports being the ultimate solution for your needs. This condition is caused by an excess of flexion in the forefoot, and for some people, this is linked to high arches. When you have high arches and a lack of support inside your shoes, your forefoot might be bearing the entire burden of each step.

In cases where high arches are a contributing reason for your Morton’s Neuroma diagnosis, arch support might help balance your foot and keep it from flexing too much when you are running. High arches are rarely well-supported by running shoes that are not custom-made. This is why an arch support can really help with pain and impingement to the nerves that cause Morton’s Neuroma discomfort.

Some people are not even aware that they have high arches and have been running in shoes that are made for people with flat feet for years. This is where it can be very valuable to go to a doctor or a physical therapist to have your feet evaluated. For those who have not been aware that they have very high arches, they likely have also not been supporting their feet correctly in daily-wear shoes.

Being able to change the balance of your foot through the process of adding an arch support is a great solution that might eliminate the pain of Morton’s Neuroma right away. You can also add icing therapy after each run, changes to your running plan such as avoiding running hills and stretching, and physical therapy. With all of the right management in place, the pain of Morton’s Neuroma can be readily handled in most cases.

How to Find Quality Arch Supports for Runners

While arch supports are sold everywhere, these are usually items made for basic daily wear purposes. Runners need to have quality arch support for their needs that are designed for athletic uses. It is always best to look at insoles that are made by running companies or running shoe companies. These insoles will be made for athletic use and will be crafted with the right materials to prevent chafing, breakdown of the materials, and pinching and slipping inside your shoes.

You should always read some reviews about the insoles that you are thinking of investing in as well. This can tell you a lot about the product that you are thinking of buying and you will be able to rule out some of these products due to information gleaned in this way. You can also ask your physical therapist or doctor for some recommendations about how to source the right arch supports for your running shoes.

Being sure that you are getting a quality arch support or insole with arch support is critical to helping heal your Morton’s Neuroma.

Arch Supports Can Help Heal Morton’s Neuroma

For some people, particularly those with high arches in their feet, arch supports can make all the difference between comfortable running and painful running. You should make sure that you take the time to be professionally fitted for your shoes and arch supports if possible, or defer to the advice and guidance of a doctor or physical therapist before you pick the arch supports you want to use to heal your Morton’s Neuroma.

Picking the right arch supports can make all the difference between running in comfort and running with daily pain. Morton’s Neuroma responds well to management of various kinds, and arch supports can be one of the best solutions for this need.


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November 27, 2021

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