Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Due to the intense nature of basketball, ambitious players will find it hard to avoid ankle injuries. Be it a twist during a brutal crossover or a strain by a difficult landing after a layup, your ankle will get hurt every now and then.

However, the severity and chance of such injuries can be greatly reduced by choosing the best basketball shoes for ankle support. It should be noted that, although some seem good enough, they might lack traction or padding, both of which aren’t visible at first and can have a tremendous effect on the overall support.

To help, I have built a list of what I believe to be the five best basketball shoes for ankle support; three for men, one for women, and one pair that’s unisex.

In addition to that, I also share some of the most important features I used to compare and I will answer some common questions as well.

So, let’s get started!

Basketball Shoe Reviews

The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

I have divided this list into three sections, with the first consisting of shoes for men while the second includes a pair of highly recommended women’s shoes and the last one contains the best pair for ankle support that are unisex.

The price of the shoes ranges from about $70 (£50 approx.) to around $223 (£160 approx.) and they have been judged upon using the criteria shared before. For these, I made sure that a range of features was available to choose from, including Bounce Cushioning, Nike’s Zoom Turbo, Herringbone traction pattern, HOVR, and Nike React foam.


Adidas Men’s Dame 5 Basketball Shoe

Available in thirteen different colors, this model is a great choice if you want a stylish pair of basketball shoes for ankle support. The great traction of the shoes helps to perform better and avoid slippages, hence protecting your ankle well. Also, the bounce cushioning of the shoes has amazing shock protection and is very responsive too, both helping support the tissues and muscles better.

The sole is also 100% synthetic, and, therefore, lightweight. As insignificant as it might seem, this can greatly reduce the tension in the ankle while the soft and padded midsole helps balance out the shoes, a feature that allows you to prevent strains to a great extent. The textile upper also makes the pair highly breathable but is more susceptible to dirt. 

best basket ball shoes for ankle support - Adidas Men's Dame 5 Basketball Shoe

The zonal herringbone rubber outsole also provides spectacular grip and the lace closure lets you tighten it according to your preference, all adding towards better support for your ankle. The collar is also highly flexible for added comfort and these shoes have no issues regarding stability and durability.

Moreover, the shoes do not require a lot of breaking in and, because of the overall design, you can also comfortably wear ankle braces for better protection. It should, however, be noted that some people had problems with the sizing and suggested that you buy one size smaller than you actually need.


  • ✅  Great traction and stability
  • ✅  Amazing shock-resistance and responsiveness with bounce cushioning
  • ✅  The design allows quick break-in and you can easily wear braces in these
  • ✅  The textile upper makes it rather lightweight



  • X    They are a little difficult to clean

Adidas Men’s Dame 5 Basketball Shoe

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Under Armour Men’s Curry 7 Basketball Shoe

If you want shoes with the best fitting, I would suggest that you give this pair a try. While the locked-down lacing system locks the foot in place to reduce slippage, the sock-like construction of the pair reduces the risk of irritation by chafing or rubbing.

The shoes are made up of synthetic material throughout, making the shoes one of the lightweight choices, hence reducing the tension placed upon the ankle. Additionally, the full knit upper enhances the ventilation and breathability of the entire footbed, allowing the injuries to heal better and quicker.

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Under Armour Men's Curry 7 Basketball Shoe

The shoes are also available in a range of colors but people with wide feet should buy half a size up because of the narrow toe box. Moreover, the heel counter adds immensely to the stability while the full-length Micro G Foam also turns the cushioned landing to bouncy take-offs, notably improving the performance.

You might, however, need to break into the shoes or the material will seem a bit too stiff. It should also be noted that this pair has an amazing balance and cost quite low. The pattern of the shoes, lastly, doesn’t require a lot of cleaning and provides great traction.


  • ✅  The Micro G Foam adds to the performance
  • ✅  The shoes are available in a range of colors
  • ✅  The synthetic material is very light and well-balanced
  • ✅  The patter provides great traction and doesn’t require a lot of cleaning
  • ✅  The full knit upper makes the shoes well-ventilated and highly breathable



  • X    The narrow toe box can be a bit too tight for people with wide-feet

Under Armour Men’s Curry 7 Basketball Shoe

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Nike Men’s Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoe

If you rarely play outdoors, this pair might be the best choice for you. The Nike Men’s Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoe has one of the best Phylon cushioning that is a lot softer than the previous model and adequately supports the ankle as well as the heel of the feet.

Other than that, the Zoom Turbo in the forefoot is known to add significantly towards the bounce, visibly boosting the performance. The traction of the shoes has also been aced, allowing you to avoid any slippages that might hurt your ankle too bad while the lightweight foam midsole, with the supportive and soft padding, helps ease the heel-to-toe transition. 

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Nike Men's Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoe

The overall design is also made to provide adequate support and lockdown for crossover and quick moves, ones that are quite common in basketball. The rounded edges also work as an outrigger to prevent any slips and protect your ankle properly.

Moreover, many critics have found the look of the shoes to be quite attractive while the stability provided by the amazing balance is also quite useful. The pair’s textile upper is also quite flexible, and the adjustable strap is meant to keep the foot stable while the multi-angle blade pattern improves the grip, all reducing the tension in your ankle.


  • ✅  Great bounce with Zoom Turbo
  • ✅  The adjustable strap and rounded edges add to the stability
  • ✅  The flexible upper reduces the chances of ankle injuries
  • ✅  The multi-angle blade pattern improves the grip
  • ✅  The attractive design will help boost your confidence further



  • X    Not as good for outdoor surfaces such as concrete

Nike Men’s Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoe

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Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

Being among the most trusted brands for basketball accessories, Nike almost never gets it wrong and this particular pair is a great representation of their expertise. The shoes are available in a multitude of colors and the mid-top design helps better secure the ankle within and reduces muscle movement for quick injury recovery.

These are one of the most durable shoes out there and the enhanced Lunarlon cushioning system enables a light yet responsive experience. This, combined with the molded heel counter gives the players the lockdown they require to prevent the bending of the ankle during a defensive stance.

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Nike Women's Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

The Flyware technology and the dynamic collar foam also adds to the comfort and protection around the foot to allow more natural movements when jumping, pivoting, or trailing. In short, this pair is the best choice for women overall that provides not just great stability and balance but also traction, among various other things.


  • ✅  The Flyware technology adds to the protection and comfort
  • ✅  The dynamic collar promotes natural movements while playing
  • ✅  Lunarlon cushioning is highly responsive
  • ✅  The molded heel counter keeps the ankle from bending
  • ✅  They are available in a myriad of colors



  • X    The sole can lose its grip on dusty courts

Nike Women’s Hyperdunk

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Adidas Unisex D ROSE 773 2020 Shoes

Celebrating Derrick Rose, this pair surely deserves the name of the youngest MVP in basketball history. They not only boast an extremely lightweight design but highly responsive cushioning in the midsole that flexes for dynamic cuts to the hoop.

Furthermore, these shoes have a rubber sole that provides great grip, and all materials match the brand’s astonishingly high standards. The lace-up closure is also meant to add to the personalization and allows you to tie them in a way to best protect your ankle muscles and tissues. 

best basketball shoes for ankle support - Adidas Unisex D ROSE 773 2020 Shoes

These feature a medium width with no wide sizes so wide-footed people will need to buy half a size bigger. This, however, is covered up by the padded collar which provides great ankle support and has been enabled by the decades of “relentless pursuit of innovation” by the brand.

You will also find them to be unusually flexible and the Bounce cushioning also helps improve your performance considerably. Lastly, the textile upper is quite breathable and the shoes have a snug fit.


  • ✅  Celebrate one of the best basketball players, Derrick Rose
  • ✅  Lightweight yet responsive soft cushioning
  • ✅  The rubber sole provides great grip
  • ✅  The lace-up closure gives freedom and personalization
  • ✅  The textile upper and padded collars support ankle well



  • X    Not available in wide sizes

Adidas D ROSE 773

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Buyers Guide & Technical Features

How to Find the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Before I go any further, it would be useful for you to know the criteria I used to shortlist the best shoes with ankle support. By keeping your focus to these, I can assure you that you will be able to find shoes that not only provide great traction but also have stun-retaining technology and a well-balanced build, all meant to add to the support and protection.

1. The Outsole

The outsole can be a huge help towards protecting your ankle. For one, it should be highly shock-absorbent because, particularly if you recently recovered from such an injury, even a little shock from jumps can cause the tissues to tear apart. I would, therefore, suggest that you get a pair with rubber outsoles that provide sufficient impact protection.

Moreover, the base should be tight enough to prevent any twists and slippages but lose enough to feel comfortable. For this, make sure that the shoes not only allow enough lateral but also vertical movement because they can otherwise make you feel trapped. Nike shoes especially focus on providing sufficient but not excessive grip.

Other than that, the outsole should have a rough texture to add to the traction. This will help make sure that you don’t slip and roll your ankle, hence preventing ankle injuries and helping you play even better.

2. Insole

The insole is another important consideration as this directly affects the overall stability and protection through the cushioning and padding, among other things. Firstly, this should not only offer enough width but the space in length should also be able to comfortably fit your foot within.

Other than that, I would suggest that you get shoes with padding that is mildly soft with a stiff structure as this will add to the stability. It, additionally, needs to be stun-retaining in order to prevent the stressing up of the ankle, hence keeping the tissues and muscle intact for longer periods.

Furthermore, it should be antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, hence preventing bad odor and improving your performance. If possible, I would suggest that you buy separate insoles and try different ones to find which insoles fit your needs the best.

3. The Upper

The upper is the top part of the shoes and there are four major types of the upper material, all with distinct benefits. While genuine leather is highly durable and rather flexible but not as breathable, the knitted uppers are usually very lightweight, highly breathable, and feature great breathability but are more susceptible to wear-and-tear and abrasion.

Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is usually made to be very flexible and breathable without losing durability or flexibility. And, textile uppers are known to be most versatile, available in various designs that are mostly well-balanced.

While all of these include features that can benefit your ankle in some way, I would suggest that you get either synthetic leather or knit uppers as these, due to the flexibility, ensure the easy movement of the feet when playing. You should, however, make sure that whichever one you buy has toe zones that twist effectively after slight opposition.

4. The Outrigger

The outrigger constitutes the area that lies on the lateral side of the outsole and makes the shoe wider, helping comfortably fit the feet within. This is meant to stop your feet from sliding out in order to add stability, hence supporting your ankle and allowing it to heal quicker and more comfortably.

Even though it is usually built great, you will need to make sure that this part is not too loose or you will just not be able to play well while the absence of a tight outrigger will also hurt your feet and the ankle. I would, therefore, suggest that, if possible, you go to the nearest outlet of the brand and wear the model or at least the one that is really similar to it and check if it fits you well enough.

Some Other Features to Consider

Even though the features mentioned above can greatly reduce the chances of an ankle injury, you will want to perform well with the help of these additional features. For one, heel cup technology can help make sure that the heel remains well-protected, hence increasing your confidence and allowing you to play comfortably.

In addition, great breathability will help ensure comfort while any additional features for stretchability will allow more room for movement, hence preventing injuries. For lacing, I would suggest that you get shoes with traditional lacing because, even though these tend to wear off more easily, they provide a personalized feeling with a plush fit. Besides, Velcro, the most famous alternative, collects dirt easily and its replacement is also quite difficult.

I would, lastly, suggest that you get shoes with a warranty for the essential parts so that you don’t have to worry about replacing them soon. Guaranties can also be just as good and the durability should also hold weight in the decision and so should the wearability. Meaning, shoes suitable for sporting as well as casual occasions are always a plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I found online when researching to ease your way through.

Q1.  Are High Top Basketball Shoes Better for Ankle Support?

It’s been thought as long back as the 1960’s that high-top basketball shoes are better for ankle support. In recent years, however, players are preferring to play in low-top shoes but that’s more for their flexibility than their ankle support qualities.

Some argue that high-top basketball shoes are great for ankle support because of their tighter fit around the ankle, which reduces movement and stabilizes the joint. Some also feel that the amount of cushioning and arch support high-top shoes have reduces the impact and strain put on the ankle and heel.

But, there are some people that believe high-top shoes may increase the risk of injury due to the restrictive nature of the design. They also feel that high-top shoes are heavier than low-tops, which they believe could also be a possible detriment as the player won’t be able to react as quickly.

So when it comes to picking high or low top basketball shoes, the choice is yours to make depending on personal feel and playability. 

Q2.  Do Basketball Shoes Need Ankle Support?

It is widely thought that all basketball shoes need extra ankle support. Their design has primarily supported this idea over the years. However, only up until recently, almost all basketball players and coaching professionals agree that high-top shoes need good ankle support.

Numerous studies have evidenced that low-top basketball shoes, without ankle support, are safer as they do not constrict the ankles’ natural movements. Some experts believe that this is a contributory factor to the most common injuries in basketball – which are ankle and foot injuries. The most common being sprains and torn ligaments.

Both sides have strong arguments, so it is ultimately a matter of choice and personal preference. Some may find a high-top shoe offers more comfort and stability. In contrast, others prefer the flexibility of a low-top.

Q3.  Is It Good to Wear Ankle Braces While Playing Basketball?

Almost all basketball players can benefit from wearing an ankle brace. Studies have shown that an ankle brace is an excellent preventative measure against ankle injuries. The lateral movements common with basketball often make athletes prone to sprains. Wearing a brace can offer support and stabilization without impairing performance.

There are many different ankle support braces, so make sure you choose the right one. Also, double-check the fit both before and during your activity. 

So long as you choose the right type of brace, wear it correctly, and at the right time, you likely won’t experience muscle weakness or overreliance on the brace. Suppose you’re a player with a current injury. In that case, an ankle brace and instructions for use will likely be recommended by your doctor. 

Whether you have a history of ankle issues or are facing current ankle problems, a brace can get you back on the court; hopefully, for good!

Q4.  How Do Basketball Players Support Ankles?

It isn’t unusual for basketball players to search for additional ways to support their ankles. The sport is prone to ankle injuries thanks to fast lateral movements, sudden blows, and quick lateral movements.

Nothing beats an excellent, supportive pair of basketball shoes. They’re often the easiest to wear, the most comfortable, and aesthetically appealing. Particular features to watch out for are a wide heel, a great lockdown from the upper, and a high ankle cuff. However, if you want to increase your support, you have a range of options. Low support devices like Kinesiology tape and ankle sleeves offer minor restrictions with an excellent range of motion. For those who want more support, a stabilizing ankle brace may be the way to go. Features like laces and plastic splints often make them excellent at preventing injury while being exceptionally comfortable.

The best type of support for you depends on how much support you need and how comfortable you are with wearing the device.

Q5. Do Low Top Basketball Shoes Have Ankle Support?

Low-top shoes have risen in popularity since the early 2000s. Once thought of as a riskier footwear option than their high-top counterparts, science may be proving that theory wrong.

Low top basketball shoes won’t have as much ankle support as a high-top pair, but studies have not found a correlation between ankle injuries and low-top shoes. While it is true that high tops with a collar that covers the ankle hold the joint more rigidly in place, the absence of a collar doesn’t equate to ankle sprains.

Low-top shoes sit below the ankle. Guards and shooters will often benefit from this unique design. Low-tops allow better freedom of motion, especially lateral movements. The lack of a stiff ankle collar means impact forces won’t transfer from the ankle to the knees or Achilles tendons.

In some cases, athletes may prefer a lighter and more flexible shoe like a low top. As long as you look for quality support and craftsmanship in the shoe’s upper, outer, and midsole, a low-top can be a joint-friendly shoe. However, injury-prone players may want to stick to their high tops.

Q6.  How To Tape Ankles for Basketball

Taping your ankle for basketball is standard procedure to prevent injury and speed healing. What type of tape you need and how to apply it depends on your needs and concerns.

Athletic tape can protect the area if you’re recovering from a significant sprain or injury. This rigid tape will immobilize the joint to keep you from re-injuring it. On the contrary, Kinesio Tape is a lightly supportive tape conducive to faster recovery and encourages proper form. It is more commonly used when your immediate post-injury period has concluded.

Both taping procedures involve underfoot support in the form of a stirrup and front-to-back support running along the edge of the foot. KT tape often relies on an “X” formation as a final level of support. Athletic tape uses a circular overwrapping technique to hold everything in place. Be sure to check the user guidelines for each to know how long you can wear your tape after the basketball game is over!

Q7.  Are Ankle Braces Better Than Ankle Supports?

Ankle supports usually weigh very low and promote efficient foot movement in order to ensure the smooth healing of the ankle. Ankle braces, on the other hand, are quite rigid and are meant to promote the immobilization of the foot.

Be that as it may, while traditional supports were meant to prevent injuries and braces to treat them, now, there are also variations of both with some braces and also ankle supports built particularly for sports uses while others are great for milder injuries. Then there are also braces made for preventing injuries or even supports for treating ankle injuries.

For preventing injuries while playing basketball, I would highly recommend the Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace which has a plastic stabilizer to allow your ankle to rest comfortably and reduce the tension placed upon it remarkably well. Also, it is lightweight, highly breathable, and can be worn with most shoes, and, therefore, won’t cause any sort of hindrance for you.

Q8. How to Strengthen Your Ankle for Basketball.

Basketball is known to put quite a lot of stress on ankle joints. Swift lateral movements and jumping can lead to acute or chronic injuries. The most common basketball ankle injuries are sprains and tears. This happens when the ligaments and tendons are forced to stretch beyond their normal limits.

To help prevent this, you can perform routines and exercise off the court. Stretching and warming up before a game is essential. Movements that encourage ankle mobility, like heel drops, are helpful.

You can strengthen your ankle for basketball at home or at the gym. Movements that challenge your muscles, like ankle pumps or jumping rope, can aid in support while balancing activities, such as lunges and squats, assist with stability. Strengthening the muscles of your entire leg can benefit your ankle. Proper muscle maintenance and support from shoes or braces may significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Q9. How to Prevent Ankle Rolling in Basketball

Unfortunately, no prevention method will guarantee you won’t roll your ankle while playing basketball. However, there are some techniques you can take to prevent ankle rolling in basketball, which will reduce the chances of a sprain or tear.

Preventative measures often include increasing the support and stabilization of the joint. Depending on your needs, taping your ankle can achieve increased support, either with flexible Kinesio tape or rigid athletic tape. Basketball players also wear ankle braces to help prevent rolling and twisting of the joint.

Basketball shoes can provide players with both support and comfort. Whether you want a high-top or a low collar shoe depends on your position and shoe preference. Both tend to be equally supportive if they have a secure upper, a gripping sole, and adequate shock support.

When you’re not on the court, be sure to pay attention to the health of your ankles. Cross-train to strengthen the joint and rest when your body tells you to.


Summary: Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

I tried to include everything that you might require when finding the best golf basketball shoes for ankle support and hope that they will be beneficial.

Out of all the options above, I found the Under Armour Men’s Curry 7 Basketball Shoe to be best for men. It not only includes great cushioning but is very lightweight, well-balanced, highly breathable, and well-ventilated. The traction is also remarkable and the only con is the toe box and even that is solvable by stretching the shoes with thick socks and a blow dryer.

For women, the Nike Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes do considerably better than most. They offer notable protection and comfort while providing top responsiveness and keeping the ankle from bending with the help of an array of features. The only con for these is the reduced grip on dusty courts, and, therefore, you might need to wipe the soles regularly when playing on such a surface.

However, for any shoes that you buy, remember to follow other precautionary methods to protect your ankle as these cannot make a huge difference alone. These can include regular massages, lots of rest, well-built ankle braces, and ankle supports.