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The last thing you need when working on your endurance, or recovering from an injury, is to be distracted by running shoe discomfort. We get that, and that’s what shapes the mission of our site.

We are here to give you the right information and guidance – whether that’s looking for the best running shoe for a particular need or you just need an answer to a burning question. We discuss the best running shoes for common troubles such as calf pain, shin splints and hip pain all the way through to less frequent problems like mortons nueroma, matatarsalgia pain, peroneal tendonitis and arthritis in big toe.

So, our mission is clear – to make the process easier for you, it’s as simple as that!

We hope you find this site helpful.


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Should I Stop Running With Metatarsalgia?

Knowing whether you should stop running with metatarsalgia usually depends on a few different factors, which we discuss here in this article.

How To Tape Your Ankle for Basketball

How To Tape Your Ankle for Basketball

Athletic tape can protect the area if you’re recovering from a significant sprain or injury. This rigid tape will immobilize the joint to keep you from re-injuring it. On the contrary, Kinesio Tape is a lightly supportive tape conducive to faster recovery and encourages proper form. It is more commonly used when your immediate post-injury period has concluded.

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How to Stretch Your Calf Muscles Ready for Running

How to Stretch Your Calf Muscles Ready for Running

The best calf stretches for running are ones done gently, using something like a step to press the heel down to elongate the calf muscle. We’ll explore stretches like downward dog, and calf raises to help increase flexibility and provide a gentle warm-up for your calf muscles too.

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